Inverter-Programming Flow based on Node-RED

Node-RED is a browser-based flow editing tool. It wires together a wide range of different nodes from the palette. These flows can be deployed to a server by the “Deploy”-button. The runtime is built on Node.js so that it could be run on the Raspberry Pi as well as in the cloud.

There is already a grown-up community which extended the available nodes in the palette and even provides whole flows by thousands. We plan to use Node-RED as a visual programming tool for the SDI-environment. Therefore, we created custom Nodes for feedback control systems which can be wired together and generate the corresponding configuration. This configuration is sent to the SDI-Hardware, which implements the functions. The greatest limitation of Node-RED, considering the aimed use, is that it only supports one input per node. We are currently working on more nodes, live-update to the runtime environment and automatical node generation based on a configuration file.



Member currently working on this topic:
Wolfgang and Thomas