FIKAT-Startup und Demo-GUI

In this project, the FIKAT-Board as the future hardware-platform for the SDI-community was electrically made ready for use and a corresponding firmware for the enclosed DSP-microcontroller was created, both in the context of a master-thesis. The Firmware is based on a framework from Texas Instruments and is now capable of driving a connected motor and additionally control and evaluate the external inputs and outputs of the FIKAT-board through the modifications that have been done in software. The FIKAT-board itself is delivered by SIEMENS AG.
A raspberry-pi, that can be attached to the FIKAT-board is connected to the DSP DMA-based and can for example be used to parameterize the inverter. In the context of a research laboratory training, a graphical user interface(GUI) for Microsoft Windows was created, which is capable to do a plug-and-play test of the FIKAT-board together with the corresponding development environment and is based on another package from Texas Instruments. Just connecting a power-supply, a JTAG-debugger and a motor to the FIKAT is enough to automatically load the firmware to the DSP and get it running, all this is achieved by simply starting the Windows-Application. The GUI then allows to control the motor and further read and write the external IOs. It is intended for two cases. First, it can serve as a “out-of-the-box demonstration” of the FIKAT-board to arouse interest in the project without causing great start-up pain for the user. Second it can be used as a simple possibility to do a functional test of new arrived hardware.

Fikat Board with Raspberry Pi

Fikat Control GUI