SDI Team wins IoT Challenge!

The team of the SDI community (David Kießling, Christopher Renner, Wolfgang Brückner, Thomas Stadelmayer) has won the IoT Challenge as part of the Nuremberg Web Week with its smart feeding bowl called PetFit. It gives automatically the right amount of food to the pet according to its energy consumption during the day. To do so the pet gets a fitness collar that determines its energy consumption. With this creative idea and a very lively and entertaining presentation the SDI community team was able to prevail over three other very good teams. As price every team member got a Raspberry Pi 3 set and an invitation to the Software Engineering Camp 2017.

The following picture shows the experimental setup during the award ceremony. Unfortunately we were not able to bring a real cat, but obviously also our very cute soft toy cat melted the hearts of all those present, inclusive the ones of the judges (also they stated that the cuteness factor was not taken into account ;-) )





Thank you, Method Park and the Junior Consulting Team, for organizing this competition. It was a very interesting and well organized event!