Fikat Day Part 1

Many members of the SDI community are computer scientists and not familiar with soldering and working directly on the hardware. They are afraid of touching circuit boards, because they don’t want to destroy anything. But as it is one important goal of the SDI community lab to bring the different fields of studies closer together we organized a so called Fikat Day. Andreas Rom from Siemens AG gave a small theoretical introduction to soldering itself, the hardware of the Fikat board and that there is a small mistake on it that we should repair by our own during the day. After a small soldering exercise we started to fix the Fikat board.

  img_20170516_115839          img_20170511_131319

After this we tested the boards for functionality and. if they worked propably, signed it as checked. Overall we checked about 120 boards. For many of the SDI members it was a very interesting event and the fear of touching and destroying circuit boards decreased a lot.


The Siemens AG left 15 Fikat boards at our Community Lab for free usage. Thank you very much! So if you are intrested in working and trying the Fikat board you are highly welcome to visit the Community Lab. In near future a second event is planned that concentrates on the software and programming of the device. This second event will as always be an open event and of course announced at our homepage.