Information Day for Schools Report

On March 16 the SDI Community Lab opened its doors for interested students of secundary school. The aim of this event was to awake interest in computer science and engineering in general. In the beginning Steffen explained what the elementary part of a processor is and how to connect these to get a simple adder. He visualised his explanation by drawing a schematic using transistors connected to an AND- and an OR-gate on the whiteboard.

Before showing a practical demonstration, Christian gave a little talk about the theory of image processing and automotive driving. He roughly explained how to detect edges and circles in an image and pointed out that different image processing algorithms have different requirements for processing power and memory. Therefore he followed that using the right computer architecture for a specific algorithm has huge impact on the efficency and performance. Afterwards Daniel showed a smart camera installed on a drone and demonstrated live the detection of circles. This can e.g. be used for automatic flying.


At the end, Steffen showed the Fikat-Board and the software defined control of a electric propeller. After the presentation the students were welcome to ask questions and have a talk to all present members of the SDI community lab.

We are glad that so many students participated and also showed a large interest in the projects at the SDI Community Lab. Some of them even stayed to have a small conversation afterwards.