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Fikat Board with Raspberry Pi

Xenomai 3.x Installation Routine available

Fikat Board with Raspberry Pi
Many users are interested in exciting RT Projects. The first step to realise such projects is to patch your Kernel to run a RT application. This initial hurdle is not a trivial step and can take a long time. Our published scripts should help you for an easy start in the World of Real Time Systems. Run this scripts on your vanilla Raspian with a valid internet connection.

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Finished 3D printed case for ZedBoard

The 3D printer was successfully put into operation by printing a case for the ZedBoard from Avnet. This case can be mounted on top of an Iris+ Quadrocopter with the help of feet that are also 3D printed. The drone is thus able to take the ZedBoard on the journey. In the future, fast and intelligent flight automation can be implemented with the aid of intelligent cameras for controlling the drone and software-definable inverter architectures for targeted control of the rotors.

The STL-Files can be downloaded here.

bottom_view_rightbottom_view_leftstuetzen case_complete