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SDI Master student wins Xilinx Open Hardware competition!

One of our current master students attended the Xilinx Open Hardware competition in the PYNQ category.

The project accelerates image processing tasks and offers the capabilities of System on Chips (SoC) to software developers with an easy to use python library. We plan to leverage this library for tasks on our RC-Car such as lane detection. The library is freely available on GitHub.

The following YouTube video explains the project:

We have just received the results and are proud to announce that we have won first place in the PYNQ category! Have a look at the Finalists of 2018.

Wolfgang Brückner



SDI Community Lab Opening Report

March, 7th at 2 pm the SDI Community Lab was opened by Prof. Jürgen Karl, Vice-Dean of the Technical Faculty. He started the event with introducing words about the importance of the collaboration of computer science with classical engineering fields considering emerging issues such as IoT and sensor fusion.

Afterward, Prof. Dietmar Fey (Head of the Chair of Computer Science, left) spoke about the collaboration with the Siemens AG and upcoming research projects which will be conducted in the SDI Lab.



As one of the moving forces behind project, Dr. Dominic Buchstaller (Siemens AG, right) underlined the importance of the technologies used within the FIKAT board and thanked the Chair of Computer Science foor the intense collaboration.

Last but not least, Dr. Marc Reichenbach (Head of the SDI Lab) payed tribute to all involved persons which contributed ressources to make the idea of this SDI Lab become real.

The last official part consisted of projects allready carried out by student members of the SDI Lab including an ellipse detecting algorithm for a camera drone and a test facility designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the FIKAT board.


The event enden with some food, drinks and scholarly debates about the Lab and the demonstrated projects.